Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Some photos - Service Design and other tools

Persona templates - courtesy of WeAreSnook

These are twelve of out persona templates, developed by James, Pete and Laura. We decided to defer utilising these until the 100% signed off alumni facing website has been agreed. The site is ready, sitting in the background, waiting to be launched, however as a project team, we have decided to review each service that we are offering and more than likely, stagger the 'launch' of each section. This will require a little tweaking on my part, which will be more of an edit, than a re-design.

Initial project planning exercise - plenty of post-it notes

Possibly not the greatest photograph in the world, but this represents 6 A3 sheets of work compiled by Pete and Laura at the project planning stage of our work. By this point, Laura has been researching examples of volunteering scheme across the country and presented these to the project team. We were now tasked with recommending which programme elements should be implemented. As a fairly ambitious programme, we quickly realised that we needed to see the 'bigger picture' but all together and this was the easiest way to do it.

Visual Understanding Maps (.vue). This was the first time that we'd used this software. Again, this, like the picture above, relates to initial project planning.

It's almost slightly embarrassing to look at how primitive and complicated this mind map is. As mentioned in the caption, this was the first time that we had used this software and it's a replication of the picture above. It's actually quite useful to look back and view this document to see how far we have come in streamlining what we offer, how we recruit and how we steward.

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