Thursday, 2 June 2011

Research Update

Just back from the picturesque St Andrews where i visited the University Careers Centre to meet with Paul Brown and Pam Andrew who very kindly agreed to talk through their online Careers Centre and Alumni Careers Network.

St Andrews are currently gathering up to date information about where their Alumni are now and their experience to date in their chosen fields. The existing Alumni Careers Network has been operational for over 7 years and as a result some of the information held on Alumni is in need of a little updating. In a bid to improve the service they hope to refresh their current data with some new volunteers and re engage with some lost volunteers. Careers hope to achieve this through some very simple yet effective solutions to bring everything up to date using Net Community on Raisers Edge.

It was very useful to see how they will build on the existing Alumni Careers Network, a searchable database, with a view to offering a more structured database which will ultimately produce better results for current students, who wish to contact alumni to ask about the experience in their fields.

I also had the opportunity to find out all about their intentions to expand the programme to perhaps include a Mentoring network on Linked In and some very interesting and original events they have in mind for the next year which focus on increasing student employability

Many thanks to St Andrews for sharing their plans with me. More information on the current carreers activity at the University of St Andrews Careers Centre can be found at:

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