Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Fact Finding Mission(s)

Over the past couple of weeks I have attended some highly informative presentations and discussions at the University of Glasgow and been alerted to some innovative ideas for the potential alumni volunteering programme of the (not too distant) future. It has given me an insight into how alumni may be able to contribute to schools and services through volunteering.

One such interesting discussion was led by Akma Adam with Arts staff on graduate attributes & "The value of an Arts Education." Here, amongst other topics we discussed the topic of the employability of Arts and Humanities graduates and if this was a consideration in recruitment. Could arts alumni get involved to advise Arts and Humanities students as to just how transferable their skills gained at university truly are? I say this from a completely non biased arts educated point of view of course!

Another equally interesting presentation was given by Eileen Scott of Student Enterprise at the University of Glasgow
@studententerpr . Eileen very passionately spoke about the wealth of talent coming from Glasgow University and their creative and sometimes off the wall business start up ideas. It really got me thinking about how our entrepreneurial alumni may be able to get involved in some mutually rewarding and fun experiences with our students.

As a recently employed project officer at Glasgow the range of diverse and inspiring opportunities for students which exist within the university are becoming clear to me. It would be fantastic if a future alumni volunteering programme could, perhaps, contribute to some of these great services at some point in the future.

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